Licensed in the United Arabic Emirates!

Hi folks from the UAE,

as of recently, we are now officially licensed in the emirates and you can surf and shop on our website as you please 🙂 !






IBC 2016 is done!

Hi everybody,

so IBC 2016 is behind us and it was a fantastic one.

We’re back to business and working off all orders that came in during the showdays – as there might be a bit of a delay in processing, please bare with us a little!

Else, we had the greatest show – lots of very valuable feedback from colorists and users all over the planet.

Thanks to Laurence and Dan from Marquise Technologies for once again hosting our Rageboard at their booth and helping with getting it in and out of the show!



See the Rageboard at Marquise Technologies booth hall 7.H03!

Great news!

For everybody interested – you can take a look at the Rageboard on IBC at the Marquise Technologies booth hall 7.H03!


While you’re there, make sure to also take a close look at their IMF/DCP mastering tool MIST:


“In one solution MIST provides all the necessary tools to produce the deliverables of today and tomorrow:
from RAW data to DCP or IMF, also including AS-02, AS-10, AS-11 DPP, in ACES or in HDR.”


Also, don’t forget our special deal on the Angry Face webstore:


From start of IBC on September 9th through end of September you’ll get:
– 300 euros discount on Rageboards (worldwide)
– 100 euros discount on a full set of Element panels (EU only)


Prices on the webstore will be updated on September 9th – if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

IBC specials ahead!

Hi everyone!

Like last year, we decided to have a special price on our Rageboards during the time of IBC.
Then we thought it would be a great idea to also put up a special price on Tangent’s Element panels.
And then we thought, it would be even cooler to extend that special offer from end of IBC to end of September!


Here’s the deal:
From start of IBC on September 9th through end of September you get:
– 300 euros discount on Rageboards (worldwide)
– 100 euros discount on a full set of Element panels (EU only)


Prices on the webstore will be updated on September 9th – if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.


Cheers and see you on the showfloor!

Replacement parts for Element and Ripple panels!

Hey there!

Due to high demand, we now also have taken replacement rings for the Element panels, plus replacement balls for the Element and Ripple panels into our webshop!





Tangent Ripple Pre-Orders start now!

Hey people!


As of today you can pre-order the new Tangent Ripple panel by shooting us an email through the contact form on our webpage!
The Ripple panel is the most affordable grading panel ever built and you can get it from Angry Face at the price of 310 Euros excl. VAT:


Tangent Ripple – Pre-order now! (EU only)

Estimated start of shipping the Ripple panels is beginning of July.
The Ripple panel will work with -any- application that already supports either the Tangent Element panels, or the Tangent mapper.


Enjoy the day and let us know, if you want one!




IBC 2015 is done!

Hi all,


IBC was a blast!
We’ve had our Rageboards at Tangent, Digital Vision, Marquise Technologies and Colorfront,
and people were super-happy with our stuff. Thanks for popping by and giving your valued feedback!
We are now looking into various options to add to the Rageboard for future releases – stay tuned!

























IBC is coming – get your 400 Euro discount!

Hey all,


IBC is approaching and we’re thrilled to announce, that any order for a Rageboard,
placed during the show-time (which is September 11th – 15th), will get a discount of 400 Euros!
Also you will be able to see the Rageboard in action at the following places during the show:


  • Marquise Technologies (Hall 7.H03)
  • Tangent Wave (Hall 6.A21)
  • Digital Vision (Hall 6.A14)
  • Colorfront (Suite at Okura Hotel)


Have fun at the show – see you there!




NAB is over!

Hi all,

we’ve successfully managed our first NAB. Great talking and great input from everyone of you.


See you all again with a couple of Rageboards at your fingertips on IBC!

Angry Face starts business!

Hi everybody out there.
It took quite a while, but it’s done and we’re up and running.
We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Angry Face Rageboard.
It sure has taken us longer than we would have expected, but we finally succeeded.
In the end, it’s always the details that matter and which we wanted to get 100% right.
Another thing of course is to work with the possibilities you have, give a certain budget,
speaking of looking into various manufacturing processes, whilst still keeping the product price somewhat reasonable.
The main purpose of the Rageboard (apart from a couple of nice enhancements),
sure is to look awesome and not just “slightly better”.
Also, affordability was quite a challenge.
Not only this, but also when creating something from scratch, you always come across
things you have not thought of, which appear all of a sudden and need to be solved.
So, yes – we too started with “How difficult can it be?” and it took us almost one and a half year
to get to a satisfying result saying “Well… easy would’ve been different”.

Still we have a couple of things in our pipeline, that we’re looking into, but really had to take
a backseat when it came to finally get the board out of door.
We’re not resting, but always thinking about the next step (and we can already see  a couple of steps to be taken in the near future).
If you think of something, that could add value – from a design, or operational standpoint – please feel free to reach out to us!
Orders will be taken via the webshop, or via email-inquiry.