Pre-Order: Freakshow HD 2x4-L (EU only)
Freakshow HD 2×4-L (EU only)
15. March 2022
Mount Plate Set for Freakshow HD MSX2-L (EU only)
13. July 2022

Freakshow HD A/B/C/D (EU only)

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A/B/C/D Switch with Internal LiPo Battery

Solve the dilemma of multiple sources and only one input with the 3G-SDI A/B/C/D Switch from Freakshow HD. Powered by an internal LiPo battery, this switch lets you select between four inputs via an easily controllable top-mounted touch pad and distributes the signal to one output. The rechargeable battery yields up to 160 hours of continuous operation and is rated for a minimum of 500 charge cycles. Included in the package is an AC adapter for recharging the battery. Included in the box is a 12 VDC power supply for running the unit on AC power or charging the internal LiPo battery.

– Accepts NTSC/PAL and SDI signals
– Battery status indicator
– 12 to 36VDC power input
– Locking power connector


Tech Specs

3Gb, 1.5Gb, 270Mb Auto Select
Meets and exceeds SMPTE-424, SMPTE-292

4x Selectable HD-SDI, SDI (SMPTE 259/292/296/424)
4x BNC

1x BNC

4.8″ x 2.25″ x 1.2″ (121mm x 57mm x 30.5mm) (length includes BNC’s)

+12-36VDC, Regulated

Integrated Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of run-time

Battery Recharge Time
3 Hours



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