Pre-Order: Freakshow HD A/B/C/D (EU only)
Freakshow HD A/B/C/D (EU only)
15. March 2022
Bundle: Freakshow HD MSX2-L + Angry Face Mount Plate Set (EU only)
13. July 2022

Mount Plate Set for Freakshow HD MSX2-L (EU only)

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Mount Plate Set for Freakshow HD MSX2-L

Note: The MSX2 itself is NOT included in this item and needs to be purchased separately or with our bundle.

This item is the mount plate set only. It comes with:
– black mount plate, made out of anodized aluminium
– 2x 1/4-20 screws to mount the plate to a cart or camera
– 4x screws to mount the MSX2 to the plate
– 1x velcro cable tie for cable relief

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