Tangent Element / Wave / Ripple Trackerball (set of 3) (EU only)
6. July 2016
Tangent Arc (EU only)
23. August 2017

The Rageboard™

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The Angry Face™ Rageboard™

Please remember to select color and placeholder-plates before adding the Rageboard to cart!
The item here is just the Rageboard-chassis – the Element-panels & Wacom-tablet need to be purchased seperately!

To see more images of the Rageboard and possible configurations, please visit our Gallery.

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The Angry Face™ Rageboard™

Each panel is handmade in Germany.


  • for 4 to 6 Element-Panels
  • Dimensions: 137cm x 55cm x 12cm
  • Keyboard mountable right- and left-side
  • Integrated 9-port USB 3.0 Hub by Anker
  • Integrated illuminated USB-Keyboard Cherry KC4020
  • Included all necessary adapters & cables
  • Included one placeholder-plate for the second keyboard-sink
  • Included one class A placeholder-plate (e.g. USB 3.0 port)
  • Included one class B placeholder-plate (e.g. with hole for Wacom penholder)
  • Integrated two USB 2.0 ports left and right from the middle panel for lighting
  • Black finish
  • Custom colors on request
  • Weight without panels: ~14kg
Additional information
Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 21 cm

Class A Placeholder-Plate

Class B Placeholder-Plate


Keyboard Layout

US-english with Euro symbol