About us


Angry Face™ is a client-dedicated company located in Munich, Germany. Our goal is to provide our customers with individual, high-quality manufactured components and services around Tangent grading-panels.

For that we not only sell current and legacy Tangent panels, we also manufacture high quality upgrades, like our black metal rings and dark-petrol metallic trackerballs, or the foam inserts to carry your set of Element panels conveniently in a carry-on Peli case.

Being the official service center for Tangent in the EU, we also specialise not only in repairing Tangent panels, but also in refurbishing Element panels, giving them a new look with a sustainable, fine-structured powder coat finish, that will never wear off.

If you have any question, or want to provide feedback to either existing or future products, please reach out anytime. We welcome your input about ways to optimize your color-correction environment and to make our products more efficient and easier to use.


Mazze Aderhold, founder