General FAQ

Q: Can I order VAT-free?

A: Yes you can!

Our webshop will not add VAT, if you’re ordering from outside of the EU.
In case you’re ordering from inside the EU,
you will need to provide your VAT-number during checkout.
Orders from within the Netherlands will always have VAT added.

Q: What about used panels and trade-in programs?

A: We are open for negotiations on trade-in deals, but it very much depends on a case-by-case basis. At this point, we are primarily interested in CP100 and CP200 panels.

Black Metal Rings FAQ

Q: How are those metal rings made?

A: The process is pretty simple: A cylinder of raw aluminium is being put on a lathe and that does 90% of the job in terms of creating the shape of the rings. After that, the 4 sockets on the bottom side are being carved out by a 6-axis CNC machine. Next step is to sandblast the rings in order to give them texture, so your fingers don’t slip off during use. After sandblasting, the rings are getting anodized in black.
This is a very solid and sustainable way of coloring aluminium – the big advantage is, that since it’s an electro-technical process, it won’t wear off the rings, like any sort of lacquering would.
The last step is to put in the Neodym magnets, that will hold the ring on the Element’s ball bearing.

Q: What material are the rings made of?

A: They are made out of anodized aluminium – that makes them not only look nice, but also very sustainable. We do hope that this is the last set of rings you will ever buy for your Element panels.

Q: What are the advantages of your rings vs. the original rings?

A: 1) The first and most obvious advantage is: They are made out of anodized aluminium. They will never wear off like the original plastic rings.
2) They actually sit better on the Element bearings than the original rings and do not wiggle back and forth.
3) The outer flank of the ring is shaped less vertical but more like a cone, making it easier to operate, if you want to grab the ring from above with all 5 fingers.
4) The overall surface of the ring is slightly higher than the original rings. If you do the “phone dial” movement with one finger, you are less likely
to touch the ball when the finger is at the 12 o’clock position.
5) The rings have a top plateau to rest the finger on (similar to the original Element rings), but they fall off to the middle to reveal more of the ball.
This enables anybody who is used to the original Element rings to use ours the same way. At the same time it makes it easier to adapt for colorists
coming from other control surfaces, such as the Blackmagic, or Filmlight panels.
6) The last one is very difficult to describe: With our rings, the whole setup feels much more precise and higher quality. Makes grading much more enjoyable. You will know once our rings will click into your panel the first time ūüėČ .

Rageboard FAQ

Q: What are the dimensions of the Rageboard?

A: The dimensions are 137cm x 55cm x 12cm. That is pretty similar to other panels, such as Filmlight’s Blackboard 2, Grass Valley’s Neo panel, or Digital Vision’s Precision panel.

Q: It looks like you need really long arms...

A: Actually, you don’t. Most of the time, it’s simply a perspective thing on our product images, that makes it appear this way.

However, before we went into final production, we had the Rageboard at IBC and had numerous colorists sit down and try it and we listened to their suggestions. The way we ended up positioning the various elements is very ergonomic, pleases your wrists and is in perfect reach for an average colorist’s arms.

Q: What is included with the case? Do I need to buy keyboard, cables and stuff myself?

A: No. We include everything necessary for running the case: Keyboard, USB-ports, place-holder plates, cables and adapters, as well as the 10-port USB 3.0-Hub inside. What you need to pre-own, or order as additional items are the Element-panels and a Wacom-tablet.

Q: Why the placeholder plates? The Element-range is only 4 panels big.

A: There are a couple of applications, that allow to use more than 4 panels – such as Assimilate SCRATCH (unlimited number of panels), Autodesk Lustre (5 panels), SGO Mistika (6 panels), or Digital Vision Nucoda (5 panels), which might need the additional two slots. If you’re only going to use 4 panels, you need to cover the existing recesses for the 5th and 6th panel with the place-holder plates. And whilst we were at it, we tried to give those plates a useful function.

Q: How long does it take to deliver a Rageboard, once ordered?

A: We use to have a couple of boards in stock, that we can send out immediately.
However, sometimes due to a high number of requests (usually after NAB and IBC), we might run out of stock and need to first produce boards again.
Then, pure manufacturing will take a maximum of 3 weeks to complete. From there it’s simply a question of how far the panel needs to be shipped.
Usually, shipping takes no longer than one week, although no guarantees.

Q: Why does the Wacom need to be mounted from beneath?

A: We first put it on top of the top-plate, but realised, the panel would just not look as “one piece”. Also, the recess would be CNCed exactly to fit the (back then) current Wacom Intuos Pro S – Wacom tablets of different shape (e.g. upcoming models, or older Intuos 4, Intuos 5, etc.) would not fit. So we decided to mount it from the back – it’s a bit more work at the beginning,
but really adds more flexibility in terms of what Wacom you want to use. And since it’s a one-time thing to place the Wacom, we tought it’s bareable for our users.

Q: Which Wacom models are supported?

A: The official answer to that question is: The latest Wacom Intuos Pro S. The less official answer is: Any Wacom that you can fit inside and feel comfortable operating.
From experience, the recess CNCed to the back of the top-plate is big enough to fit any S-sized Wacom Intuos from the Wacom Intuos 4 onwards. Also the new consumer Intuos tablets work just fine – although, because they are thinner than the Intuos Pro tablets, you need to make them stick inside the mount with some additional chair-saucers, or something.

What does not work: Wacom Intuos 3 and before – those are just too big for the recess and we can’t make the recess bigger, due to panel stability constraints and panel size. Also, the older Bamboo-generation does not work too well. They basically work, but don’t allow you to lift the pen too high, which makes it uncomfortable to operate the tablet.

Q: Which softwares are supporting the panel?

A: Basically every software, that supports the Element-panel range.
We are only manufacturing a nice-looking desk to put the panels in and impress your clients.
Software that supports the Element-panels are e.g.:

Assimilate SCRATCH
Filmlight Baselight, Prelight & Daylight
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
SGO Mistika
Autodesk Lustre & Flame Premium
Digital Vision Nucoda & Phoenix
Firefly Cinema FirePost
Grass Valley Rio
Marquise MIST, RAIN & ICE
Apple Final Cut-X (using CommandPost)

Please see our downloads-section, or the Tangent website to find out which softwares currently support the Element panels.

Q: Why is it made out of wood?

A: Simple: It’s looking well, and actually is much cheaper than producing it out of metal, or plastic. Manufacturing it in plastic would mean to first get a molding-form (which would probably cost around 40K), and then get a couple of hundred of pieces done with it. To get that money back, we would need to raise the price per piece to a level that nobody, who owns Tangent’s Element panels, would be willing to pay. Another advantage of wood is, that it’s also looking much more decent than plastic and at the same time has a nicer feel than metal. So we went for CNC and wood.

Q: What about custom colors?

A: In the beginning we were indeed planning to offer various different colors, you could order your Rageboard in. However, we figured that 99.9% of all orders would include the black one, so we ended up just offering that through our webshop, plus an unfinished version, that has no lacquering or whatsoever. Nonetheless, if you want your Rageboard in a specific color, please feel free to reach out to us (before ordering, please) and we will see what and how the job can be done. Also, from the early stage, we did a couple of small samples showing what could be possible, which you can see below (fltr: Unfinished, Mahogany, Green):


Q: Can I ask for custom modifications, that are not available through the store?

A: You can always ask and we’re happy to read your suggestions. Depending on what the actual need is, we are certainly willing to include it in your order, and maybe even add it as an item to our shop later on. But it depends on a time/cost-estimation, of course. Still, if you have any ideas (e.g. we’re looking into providing place-holders, which include an iPhone docking-station, numpad, or a USB coffee-pad), please keep them coming!