6. April 2021

The Professional Refurbish for your Tangent Element Panels

We now offer professional refurbishment for your Tangent Element Panels!
19. March 2021

Why you need a control surface

Our friends over at Lowepost have written a nice article on how a grading panel speeds up your work - have a read!
22. December 2020

Angry Face goes Powder Coating

Our rings now get powder coated with a fine-structure finish - providing even better grip!
13. September 2020

Refurbishing Tangent Element Panels

4 ways to refurbish your Element panels and give them a new look!
3. June 2020

Upcycling Element Panels

Away with worn down and sticky surfaces!
Renew your Element panels and give them a fresh look - we show you how to.
29. April 2020

Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles back in stock!

Long in the making - Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles are finally back in stock!
2. February 2020

Sticky Surfaces

Some panels get sticky after a while - here is an alternative approach to re-lacquering, in order to make the surface smooth again.
6. January 2020

Fun with Colors!

Because we like to explore new things - we had a try in anodizing our rings in different colors!
27. November 2019

Illuminating the Element Panels

This time, we wanted to have another try illuminating the buttons on Tangent’s Element panel.