22. December 2020

Angry Face goes Powder Coating

Our rings now get powder coated with a fine-structure finish - providing even better grip!
13. September 2020

Refurbishing Tangent Element Panels

4 ways to refurbish your Element panels and give them a new look!
3. June 2020

Upcycling Element Panels

Away with worn down and sticky surfaces!
Renew your Element panels and give them a fresh look - we show you how to.
29. April 2020

Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles back in stock!

Long in the making - Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles are finally back in stock!
2. February 2020

Sticky Surfaces

Some panels get sticky after a while - here is an alternative approach to re-lacquering, in order to make the surface smooth again.
6. January 2020

Fun with Colors!

Because we like to explore new things - we had a try in anodizing our rings in different colors!
27. November 2019

Illuminating the Element Panels

This time, we wanted to have another try illuminating the buttons on Tangent’s Element panel.
19. October 2019

New mint condition ACS panel in stock!

Hi everyone, we have an almost new, mint condition ACS available for sale. Included are power supplies and keyboard stand. This is one of the last […]
24. September 2019

Black metallic Trackerballs now available!

Black metallic trackerballs for everyone!