Tangent Element / Wave / Ripple Trackerball (set of 3) (EU only)
Tangent Element / Wave / Ripple Trackerball (set of 3) (EU only)
6. July 2016
Single complete optical Trackerball for CP200-BK
Optical Trackerball Assembly for FilmLight, Tangent and Autodesk grading panels
18. October 2017

Tangent Wave2 (EU only)

660,00 790,00  (excl. VAT)

– Compact form with durable finish
– High resolution, long-life trackerballs with optical pickups
– High resolution, long-life knobs with optical pickups
– Knobs have a built-in “press to reset” switch
– Displays to indicate mode and function of many controls
– USB powered (so no need for external power supply)

– USB 2.0 – Requires a minimum of 500mA
– Product perimeter dimensions: 388 x 289 x 47mm
– Product weight: 1.45 Kg
– Package dimensions: 490 x 370 x 110mm
– Package weight: 2.2 Kg
– EIN: 506018255 020 0

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The Wave2 offers a comprehensive range of controls on a compact panel for a keen price.
It has been designed to offer maximum functionality for the minimum of desk space. This means it’s equally at home in a studio or on-set. The panel features crisp, easy to read, ice-white OLED displays to label many of the controls which will be used to operate multiple functions. The trackerballs and knobs both use non-contact, high resolution optical pickups for responsiveness and long life. As all controls are designed to be context-sensitive you’ll be able to keep your most needed controls at your fingertips. The Wave2 will increase your productivity, leaving you to get on with what you’re best at doing – being creative!
Like all Tangent panels, Wave2 is supported by the Tangent Mapper which means many applications will allow you to customise control layouts or build your own from scratch. Wave2 is automatically supported by all applications which support the Tangent Hub which means that it should work right out of the box e.g. Resolve, Nucoda, SCRATCH, SpeedGrade, Premiere Pro etc. Wave2 will also work with any other applications which don’t support the Tangent Hub but do still work with the original Wave.

Additional information
Weight 2,2 kg
Dimensions 49 × 37 × 11 cm

New, Open Box, Refurbished