Tangent Wave2 (EU only), Tangent Wave2 Panel now available for pre-order!
Tangent Wave2 (EU only)
18. October 2017
Dark Petrol-metallic Tangent Element Trackerball (set of 4)
Dark Petrol-metallic Tangent Element Trackerball (set of 4)
20. September 2019

Black Metal Rings for the Tangent Element panel (set of 4)

160,00  (excl. VAT)

Note, this is the price for a package of 4 rings.

Get a pack of 4 Black Metal Rings for your Element panels!
To see larger images of the Black Metal Rings, please visit our Gallery.

Why you want them:
– they really look and feel awesome
– they are made out of aluminium – never wears off
– they sit really tight on the Element ball bearings, making them more precise
– ergonomic shape making them better and easier to use
– because you can

We hope this is the last set of rings you will ever need to buy for your Element panels.



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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm