Angry Face Element Refurbish, The Professional Refurbish for your Tangent Element Panels
Angry Face Element Refurbish
7. March 2021
Element Panel Foam Inserts incl. Peli Case 1510
Element Panel Foam Inserts incl. Peli Case 1510
7. November 2021

Element Panel Foam Inserts for Peli Case 1510

210,00  (excl. VAT)

Foam Inserts

– Protect your Element panels in transit.
– Fits standard Peli 1510 case.
– Takes all four Element panels.
– Bespoke foam, cut so panels fit exactly and securely.
– Internal spaces for cables, USB hub, and power supply for hub.
– Incl. seat pad, turning the Peli case into a comfortable stool
– Incl. “Element” sticker to place onto the Peli case
– Peli 1510 case is airline “Carry-On” luggage size for many airlines.
– Peli 1510 case has wheels and pull handle.

Peli 1510 case must be purchased separately – these are the foam inserts only.
Element panels must be purchased separately.


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