It’s IBC time – get 20% off our black Aluminium Rings!
2. September 2019
New mint condition ACS panel in stock!
19. October 2019

Black metallic Trackerballs now available!

Hi everyone,

we’re pleased to announce, that we can now offer black metallic trackerballs for all Tangent panels. They are especially nice on the Element panels with our aluminium rings, but they also work great with the Wave, Wave2 or Ripple panel from Tangent.
The new trackerballs are also slightly heavier than the older red balls, having increased the weight from 60 to 90 grams. You can find the black metallic trackerballs in our shop at a price of 60€ per set of 4, or as part of a bundle, comprising one set of 4 aluminium rings and one set of 4 black metallic trackerballs.