Sale has started!
Sale has started!
22. August 2018
Autodesk Control Surface (used), New used ACS Panels in stock!
New used ACS Panels in stock!
4. January 2019

Pandora lives!

Pandora lives!

Hi friends,

every now and then, you gotta do something just for the giggles.
We recently got our hands on an old Pandora Pogle panel and since the transparent trackballs of same
have the exact same diameter (50,8 mm) as the ones in the Tangent CP200 panels, we found it a good idea,
to frankenstein the two together. One hole in the back of the CP200-BK and a USB LED strip (we used a simple
cold white LED strip, but you can go really crazy, if you want) later, we had it all together.
Check out the gallery! As long as you don’t put the LED strip directly below the trackballs, the light is only indirect
and does not blind the eyes – it’s a real eye catcher, Pandora developed back in the day!


PS: The older CP200 models use roller pickup trackballs, but surprisingly, the transparent Pogle balls
also work just fine with the optical pickups of e.g. a Blackmagic Micro panel.