Fun with Colors!
Fun with Colors!
6. January 2020
Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles back in stock!
Rings, Trackerballs and Bundles back in stock!
29. April 2020

Sticky Surfaces

Sticky Surfaces

Hi everyone,

we often get asked about what to do when the surface of your grading panel get sticky – like with the Tangent Element, or Avid Artist Color panel.
Since both panels have a soft coating layer on them, they tend to get sticky after a while – especially in humid environments.
So how can you make your control surface smooth again? Well, there is the obvious way: Get some Goof Off, or acetone, or isopropyl alcohol,
wash off the softcoating and re-lacquer the panel. We’ve written an article about this here.

However, there is a slightly easier method to make the surface smooth again:
Talcum powder – or in other words – baby powder.
There is not really too much difference between the two, except baby powder might smell nicer. What they have in common
is that they suck up moisture, are cheap and the whole application maybe takes 15 minutes of your time.
The downside is that it doesn’t last forever and needs re-application every now and then.
One thing to watch out for though, especially with the Avid Artist Color Panel:
You do *not* want any of the powder to get inside the trackerballs. Although it’s super fine-grained powder,
the ball bearings of your rings will chew on it and eventually start to rumble – so make sure no powder gets in there.
One way to do this is to flip the panel around and literally apply the powder upside down using a brush.
If you are in doubt, rather take the panel apart – for both panels, it doesn’t take more than
a screwdriver to do it and you’re on the safe side when applying the powder.
Towards the end, go over the surface with compressed air to remove any surplus powder.

Find below some pictures of our go with a super-jucky Avid panel. Does it look nicer afterwards? No, certainly not.
But you will agree, it didn’t look nice in the first place – but now at least you can enjoy using it again 😉 .