20. August 2016

IBC specials ahead!

Hi everyone! Like last year, we decided to have a special price on our Rageboards during the time of IBC. Then we thought it would be […]
6. July 2016

Replacement parts for Element and Ripple panels!

Hey there! Due to high demand, we now also have taken replacement rings for the Element panels, plus replacement balls for the Element, Wave and Ripple […]
6. May 2016

Tangent Ripple Pre-Orders start now!

Hey people! As of today you can pre-order the new Tangent Ripple panel by shooting us an email through the contact form on our webpage! The […]
18. September 2015

IBC 2015 is done!

IBC 2015 is done! We’ve had our Rageboards at Tangent, Digital Vision, Marquise Technologies and Colorfront [...]
27. August 2015

IBC is coming – get your 400 Euro discount!

Hey all, IBC is approaching and we’re thrilled to announce, that any order for a Rageboard, placed during the show-time (which is September 11th – 15th), […]
25. April 2015

NAB is over!

Hi all, we’ve successfully managed our first NAB. Great talking and great input from everyone of you. See you all again with a couple of Rageboards […]
31. March 2015

Angry Face starts business!

Hi everybody out there. It took quite a while, but it’s done and we’re up and running. We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the […]
19. October 2014

Construction site

Hi all, as you can see, we are currently re-structuring our website with a new and more corporate template. We will be back, soon!   Cheers, […]
18. September 2014

News from IBC 2014!

Hi all, so we’re back from IBC in Amsterdam, which was a huge success for us! Thanks to Marquise Technologies and Assimilate for featuring the Rageboard […]