15. July 2019

NEW: Worldwide Shipping!

As of this week, we have finished with a number of updates to our website. Apart from a slightly updated home page and updated product pictures...
24. March 2019

NAB is here – and we’re giving 20% off!

NAB is two weeks away – time to start our NAB promo, giving 20% off our black aluminium rings. We’ll also be at the show, so […]
4. January 2019

New used ACS Panels in stock!

We have once again two sets of Lustre ACS panels in stock. Both sets are fully functional, ship with power supplies, Wacom grip pen and keyboard stand.
18. December 2018

Pandora lives!

Every now and then, you gotta do something just for the giggles.We recently got our hands on an old Pandora Pogle panel [...]
22. August 2018

Sale has started!

Hey everyone! We finally started the sale of our new black metal rings! You can find them right here in our webshop. Since this is our […]
6. August 2018

New Black Metal Rings

We finally kicked off production and cannot wait to finally start the sale.
28. July 2018

Avid Artist Color Panel Refurbish

Read all about our refurbish of the Avid Artist panel!
27. June 2018

Pricedrop for the original Wave panel!

Hi all, the original Wave panel by Tangent is now available at the same price as the Wave2 for those who do not want to wait […]
3. June 2018

That new aluminium product

Hi all, we’re finally on the finishing line with our new product, made out of anodized aluminium. We hope to have the ready for sale in […]